ViPR EMC Atmos Object Service API Support

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EMC Atmos API Supported Features

ViPR supports a subset of the Atmos API. This article lists the supported operations.

This article applies to EMC ViPR 2.0.

More information on the supported operations can be found in the Atmos Programmer’s Guide which is available from EMC Supportzone.

Wire format compatibility is provided for all supported operations. Therefore, the operations described in the Atmos Programmer's Guide apply to the API operations exposed by ViPR.

The Atmos Programmer's Guide also provides information on authenticating with the Atmos API and provides comprehensive examples for many of the supported features.

Supported Atmos REST API Calls

The following Atmos REST API calls are supported. Calls for the object and namespace interfaces are shown.

Note Image
  • POST /rest/objects/rest/namespace/{path} does not include x-emc-wschecksum, or HTML form upload.
  • GET /rest/objects does not support different response types with x-emc-accept. For example, text/plain is not supported.
  • Expiration and retention of objects is not supported.

Unsupported Atmos REST API Calls

The following Atmos REST API calls are not supported.

ViPR REST API Calls for Atmos Subtenant Support

ViPR includes two native REST API calls that are specifically to add ViPR subtenant support to Atmos applications. These calls are as follows: